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    in your mind

  • ​how to lose weight while you sleep

  • how to increase your happiness

  • ​how to love yourself to life!

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That is what 5 lbs of fat looks like!

Hundreds of miles of blood vessels, millions of inflammatory fat cells, 

and billions of disease-causing signals!

Let's release some of "that" and cultivate better brain health.

I've seen so many lives transformed by lessening daily stress, deepening your inner wisdom and losing that stubborn weight...

So, I've decided to share my best tips

over a 5-day Stress Detox Challenge to help you feel like yourself again!

Get ready to have a fun week, feel lighter in your mind and body, and maybe even win some cool prizes! 

This is my way to help you end this year on a positive note and move into 2022 as your best year ever! 

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I'm going to show you how you can adopt a conscious, joyful, and peaceful self-care practice that creates permanent transformation in your weight, stress, sleep, and mood.


Save your spot and please feel free to invite your

high-vibing friends!